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How to Overcome the Challenges of Renting House in Lagos – Eko Apartment

A lot of challenges are associated with securing a good apartment in Lagos.  Some of the challenges associated with renting apartments in Lagos are:

Location of apartment,

Choice of apartment type,

Interior and exterior specifications

Registration fee by the agent for each inspection,

Fraudulent agents/landlords, agents/landlord requesting for years of rent in advance

Finding an apartment that fits into one’s budget amongst a host of other challenges.


How to Tackle the Challenges

Firstly, you must plan ahead. By planning ahead it simply means know when your rent expires, know when you intend moving to your new home, know where you will love to move to, know what type of apartment you’ll like to live in, know what neighbourhood you’ll like to move to next, know! Know!! Know!!!…the first law of securing the desired apartment in Lagos is Know, know what you want and when you want it.

Secondly, get an Agent ahead of time. Online real estate platform like Eko apartment know what the customer wants, they assign an agent within the customer’s preferred location to work with the customer to get the customer his/her desired apartment. Failure to adhere to this simple rule makes people pay countless of agents registration fees just to get their desired apartment. At Eko Apartment, your first property inspection is on them. They get your specification, assign an agent to you, who will only take you to a property that meets your specification without collecting a dime for registration. A registration fee is only applicable for subsequent inspections.

Countless of times, at Eko Apartment we ask clients if they like highly social locations or very reserved locations. We also go ahead to tell them some of the features of their specifications so they understand perfectly what comes with each selected location. Another way to ameliorate location challenges in Lagos is to make enquiries from people living or working within such locations, why they live or work there, what they love most about it and what they will like to change about the locations.

Also, save for your new apartment, at Eko Apartment, we have seen people miss out on dream apartments due to financial incapability. While we work to get offers from landlords and agents for our home seekers, we also advise our clients to save for their dream apartments. It is better to save from your budget than lose out on your dream apartment due to funds.

And finally at Eko Apartment, with our feedback contact form, we take the burden of property search off our clients once we know what your budgets and preferences are.

At Eko Apartment, our goal is to get our customers their dream home while taking off all the burdens that comes with securing a good apartment in Lagos.


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