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Brand Lessons From Arsenal Champion’s League Woe

I think there are few lessons we could pick from Arsenal’s champion’s league saga yesterday evening during their match against Bayern Munich. There is a popular saying that says ” You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result” For over six years Arsenal FC haven’t been able to go past the round of 16 in the Champion’s league race, this scenario has become a common occurrence since 2012, and it now looks like a plague on the team.


There has been a buzz all over the internet since yesterday night when Arsenal conceded a great defeat to Bayern Munich FC, different reactions have been trailing this defeat both from Arsenal fans and football lovers across the globe. I was closely observing the kind of emotions emanating from fans and discovered the extent at which football lovers get so attached and attracted to a football club is amazing.

You will agree with me that, the same way football lovers are beguiled to a club is the same way some customers have affinity for a brand. Since 2012 when Arsenal has been losing in the round of 16 some fans have always promised themselves not to support the club again but they find it difficult keeping their promises. In the same vein, some customers have promised themselves not to patronise some brands again because of a woeful experience but one way or the other they can’t keep their vows.

Example of a fan’s reaction

Arsenal remains the most consistent team in England. Always finishing the English Premier League (EPL) in the top 4 and exiting the UEFA Champions League in the last-16 stage. As a brand, you can’t be consistent with mediocrity just because you feel your customers love you and you are making profit even when your customers are not really happy. A day will come just like what happened yesterday to Arsenal, that your customers will not be able to absorb your mediocre & humdrum attitude again and they will rebuff and tell you to your face that if you don’t change your brand positioning and deliver your brand promise you might loose your market share.

As a company you can’t keep doing the same thing like “Arsene Wenger” (Arsenal’s coach) and expect an outstanding result – You can’t put a new wine in an old wineskin, neither can you put an old wine in a new wineskin. Take a reflection of your company, are you doing anything different to make your organisation a better brand, if your answer is NO, then you are not different from Arsenal.

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